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5 Skincare Mistakes You Are Making

5 Skincare mistakes you are making

Our skin is one of our greatest assets and we have to care for it twice as hard. If you have noticed that your skin isn’t as vibrant and radiant as you would like, then there are some skincare mistakes you are making. You may not even be aware of these mistakes, but they are most likely the cause of your skincare woes.

Skincare has taken center stage for many people and given it is the largest organ in the body then that’s quite understandable. However, to get great-looking skin you need to have a solid routine in place. You also need to avoid certain mistakes so your routine can be as effective as possible. So, what are the most common skincare mistakes you are making that could be affecting your routine?

Here are some skincare mistakes to avoid to get the best out of your skin.

#1. Not using sunscreen

I’m just going to put this here, at the top of the list. The truth is most of our skincare problems stem from unprotected exposure to the sun. Skipping the use of sunscreen is one of the most common mistakes a lot of people make – including me. As much as we want to get that smooth flawless-looking skin, not protecting your skin from UV rays only notifies your efforts. For some people, it may look like there is no effect on their skin, but I can assure you it will eventually catch up to them in time.

There are many reasons why you should consider using sunscreen. For starters, it protects your skin from harsh sun rays such as UVA and UVB rays. It protects your skin from getting sunburned and also prevents premature signs of aging. Studies have also shown that constant exposure to the sun has been linked with skin cancer and other skin diseases.

Also, sunscreen helps ensure that the ingredients in some products used remain effective. Using some skincare products that contain specific ingredients becomes ineffective when exposed to the sun. For example, ingredients like vitamin C and retinol tend to be ineffective or have a bad reaction when exposed to the sun. So, if you intend to use products with these ingredients, you will need to top it up with some sunscreen.

#2. Constantly touching your face

Another very common mistake is constantly having your fingers on your face. It is one we all make and takes a lot of conscious effort to break. Throughout the day our hands pick up germs and bacteria as we go about our daily activities. When we constantly touch our faces, we transfer some of these germs and bacteria onto our faces which causes skin issues.

To reduce and avoid some of these issues altogether, you need to make it a habit not to touch your face at the slightest chance. If you must touch your face for any reason, you need to wash or sanitize your hands before doing so.

Oh, you also need to avoid popping pimples or blackheads. Doing so only spreads the germs and bacteria that cause these pimples to other parts of your face.

#3. Using products wrongly

Applying the right products that cater to our skincare conditions is one thing, using these products in the right order is another thing. To get desired results you need to learn how to apply your skincare products in the right order. Using a combination of products for your different routine requires knowing which comes first and those that shouldn’t be combined at all.

Layering products can be tricky, especially if the wrong combination of products is used. This is also the cause of some skin issues as using products that don’t go well with each other can further aggravate the condition. Be sure to do your research before blending certain skincare products together to prevent damaging your skin.

#4. Over exfoliating your skin

While exfoliating your skin is important, it is possible to over-exfoliate the skin. When you over-exfoliate, you strip the skin of its natural layers and barriers that protects the skin. For people with oily skin, over-exfoliating can send your skin into overdrive leading to excess sebum production. This means your skin is twice as oily and can lead to other issues like clogged pores, whiteheads, and so on.

Exfoliation should only be done occasionally, like once every week or every other week and not every day. The kinds of exfoliant used also matter a lot. Physical exfoliants tend to be harsh and sometimes contain particles and so they should be used seldomly. Chemical exfoliants are equally as strong and effective and should also be used in moderation.

#5. Relaxing once you start seeing results

We know the skincare game can be a long one. When it comes to achieving results, it takes a while for the skin to adjust and get used to the products. It even takes longer to see solid results and for most people, when they get to this point they become complacent.

Getting the desired results isn’t the absence of any further action. If anything, it’s time to keep up the routine so the results are long-lasting and not easily reversed. The disadvantage of stopping too soon is that the skincare problems you worked so hard to tackle can come back twice as bad.

Skincare routines are a continuous process that should be maintained with minor changes made along the way. Keeping up with your regimen and avoiding these mistakes will give you the flawless look you desire.

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