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Digital Marketing in 2022: The Need for Advertising

As a brand, you should never underestimate the power of advertising your business. I recently wrote a piece on vintage ads for a client and it made me realize how important adverts are to a brand. These ads were by far some of the worst as the messages were either sexist, uneducated, or too aggressive. But, regardless of this, they were effective at increasing sales for the companies back then.

A prime example was how deodorants were advertised in the ’30s. These ads bought into the insecurities of women and were very offensive. Despite the direct verbal abuse, brands such as Odorono recorded a 100% increase in sales. An example is an ad poster that read “beautiful but dumb, she hasn’t learned the charm of keeping a man.” Now, if that isn’t very offensive.

Sign advertising Cocoa-Cols
Cocoa-Cola sign: Courtesy Pexels

While advertising has taken a different turn in modern times, the aim remains the same, to be seen and remembered by many people. It’s no surprise large brands and corporations like Coca-Cola run ads ever so often. Now, tell me why as a small brand or startup you aren’t advertising your business at every given opportunity?

Why Advertise Your Business?

A while ago I was searching for the nearest gym. As usual, I typed in certain keywords and got my search results, but I wasn’t too happy with what I got. I did get results for a list of gym centers quite alright, but they were such a long-distance away. Each one wasn’t as “closeby” as I would have hoped.

Lucky for me, I got to find out that there were a few gym centers that were closer than the ones I found online, strange right? Now, the gym centers that appeared during my search made use of something vital, and that’s digital marketing and advertising.

People basically put up signposts in front of their physical stores or along the road leading up to them. The sign simply tells passers-by “Hey, look at me, I offer XYZ services or sell ABC products.” So, if people know that having a physical signpost is important to notify and attract customers, then why don’t they have an online signpost as well? We’re in the digital age, and not putting up a virtual signpost through digital marketing is simply leaving money on the table.

Your potential customers won’t know that you are so close by while going a few more steps forward to your competitors. Not taking advantage of free tools and services like Google My Business or simply having an online presence will cost you a great deal in the long run.

Benefits of Advertising Online

There are more than a few benefits of advertising and simply having an online presence for your business. Here are some top benefits of advertising;

Creating more awareness for your brand

We’re in the digital age and most people spend a fair amount of time per day online. Having an online presence puts your business in the public eye and generates more awareness for your brand. It means you get noticed by more people who could be potential customers.

Generate leads and boost sales

If you think you aren’t making enough revenue, this could be because you aren’t generating enough leads. Getting more awareness means more people can patronize your brand, leading to an increase in sales. The more the people that know about your business, the higher the conversion rates.

Your business is easy to remember

When people constantly come across your business online and offline, it puts you at the forefront of their minds whenever they require the services you provide or the products you sell. The secrete to top brands having recurring customers is because they are constantly promoting the business and in the minds of their customers.

So, if you already know making a huge bold physical signpost may attract more customers, why not make a virtual one as well? Businesses should have an online presence and make it just as bold as their physical presence. Put as much information about your business as you can online, including pictures, videos, and of course, directions on how to locate your physical store — if you have one. I can guarantee that doing these simple things may just be what you need to break even and boost sales while creating more awareness for your business. Stop throwing money to the wind and start taking your online presence more seriously today.

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