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How To Care For Natural 4c Hair: LCO Method

Retaining moisture in natural 4c hair can be a challenge. You don’t want to use too many products leaving your hair dirty but you also want your hair to be nourished at the same time. It’s a dilemma many black women face but there’s hope.

While I never paid much attention to caring for my hair in detail, I recently decided that it was time I put a little more effort into caring for my hair. My usual routine would be to wash and go but that was clearly not working since I decided to grow out my hair.

The first challenge was that I was clueless as to exactly what could be done to my natural hair. I asked around but couldn’t get much insight, and local saloons weren’t even helping out. Finally, I soon realized that not many people actually know how to care for natural hair (it’s a whole topic we’ll get into in another article).

I searched online and finally decided to start with the basic, retaining moisture in my hair. This was very vital to me because I have a dehydrated scalp and that can lead to itching and discomfort. Retaining as much moisture as possible helps to reduce breakage and helps the hair grow well.

After numerous searches online, I decided to try out the LCO method. It’s a common method that helps keep all the moisture locked in while leaving the hair nourished. I’ve tried this method for a few weeks now and dare I say I’ve seen a big difference.

The LCO Method

woman with natural 4c hair

Basically, LCO stands for liquid, cream, and oils. The method is most commonly used to add moisture through the application of products to the hair. This method has a variant, which is just a little change in the order of application but the end result remains the same, to moisturize the hair.

The LCO method represents the order you are to add these essential hair products into the hair.

#1. Liquid

The first and basic step that does not change no matter the variation is adding liquid to your hair. A basic form of liquid often used is water, a liquid-based leave-in conditioner, or a mixture of water and other fluids. Water serves as the basic form of moisture and hydrates the scalp. You only need to spray a little amount of water onto the hair and slightly dampen it before adding other products.

#2. Cream

Next, we add cream to the hair. Cream adds extra moisture to the hair and will also make it soft. You can use hair butter or any type of hair moisturizer cream on your hair. An important thing to note is that creams have water listed as an ingredient, usually the first. Be sure to get creams or moisturizers that have water listed as a key ingredient.

#3. Oil

Finally, this part is where some oil is added to your hair and scalp. The oil acts as a sealant and helps lock in all the moisture so it doesn’t quickly evaporate.

This method is easy and straightforward, and it helps your hair retain enough moisture that lasts a few days. While it can be cumbersome, the results are well worth it. Doing this once a week is enough to keep your hair moisturized for the entire week. You may need to reapply the oils during the week, but other than that you are good to go.

Another thing to note is how inexpensive this method is. With access to simple things like water, shea butter, and good hair oil, you can get started with the LCO method. So, if you’ve been at a loss for how to care for your natural 4c hair, try out the LCO method and let me know how it works for you.

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